Mrs X started to suffer abdominal pains and nausea in 2008 and despite numerous hospital visits and many investigations they failed to diagnose her Crohn’s disease until she required an emergency operation at the end of 2012.   Following a lengthy recovery she commenced a legal action against the NHS.

Liability was denied in full until they filed their Defence to the Court Proceedings in 2018.  It was finally agreed in mid 2019 that they should have diagnosed in January 2011.   Had she received the correct treatment in January 2011 Mrs X would have gone on to lead a normal life.   In the event she became very poorly and had difficulty mobilising.  The symptoms of Crohn’s disease are often misdiagnosed or ignored until extensive surgery is required which could have been avoided had medics taken more notice of the often obvious symptoms.

When the experts for each side met and the Defendant’s experts pretty much agreed with the Claimant’s experts, the NHS finally asked for a mediation.  The claim was settled at this point at £2.5 million.