NM had a cataract operation on her left eye and following this suffered from all sorts of problems arising from debris from the cataract being left in her eye during the operation.  She had two further operations on her left eye to try to resolve the problem but neither were successful causing her to go blind in that eye.   The loss of sight in her left eye caused the sight in the right eye to become so poor it caused her to lose her balance and fall.  She was unable to drive or read and became very depressed.   NM initially instructed other solicitors but then asked Dawn Slow to take over dealing with the claim.  Dawn felt the claim had merit and arranged for a second opinion from a trusted Professor expert.  The Professor expert was fully supportive of a claim for NM confirming that the first, second and third operations had been performed negligently.

Unfortunately, shortly after this examination NM, for unrelated reasons, died and the claim was taken up by her daughter LM.  The NHS admitted negligence and LM requested that the claim be moved to a settlement as quickly as possible.   A mediation was arranged and the claim settled for £115,000.