Similar to other medical negligence claims, head and brain injuries can vary greatly in terms of severity. As a result, the amount of compensation that you could receive varies too. It’s unlikely that an online compensation calculator can adequately value your claim.

If you have suffered a brain injury in the last three years that was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you should get in touch with our experienced medical negligence solicitors. Our team are legal professionals with medical knowledge and they can let you know if you have a valid case for brain injury compensation. We can talk you through the whole process.

To help you understand more about brain injury compensation, we have listed the different severities of brain injuries below.


Different Severities of Brain Injury

The figures below are taken from the government published Judicial College Guidelines, which are simply lump sums to illustrate the pain, suffering and loss of amenity you have suffered. However, these figures provide a guideline as to what compensation you  may receive. The figures below are not definitive but they serve as a rough guideline as to what may be expected in various cases.

Severity of InjuryInjury DescriptionPotential Compensation Amount
Very Severe Brain Damage Serious brain damage that has a significant effect on the senses and severe physical limitation. The need for full-time care. The court will consider the degree of understanding the victim has, their life expectancy, and the extent of physical limitation.£247,280 – £354,260
Moderately Severe Brain DamageCases of severe physical or cognitive disability which leave the victim substantially dependent on others and need constant care or other medical requirements. The court will consider the victim’s life expectancy, degree of understanding, degree of dependence on others, the extent of their physical limitations, their ability to communicate, and behavioural abnormalities.£183,150 – £235,790
Moderate Brain Damage (Upper Tier)Moderate to severe damage to intellect and/or changes in personality. An effect on their sight, speech, and other senses, and a serious risk of epilepsy.£131,620 – £192,090
Moderate Brain Damage (Middle Tier)Moderate to modest damage to intellect. The possibility of the victim returning to employment is either greatly reduced or completely removed. Possible risk of epilepsy.£79,530 – £131,620
Moderate Brain Damage (Lower Tier) Concentration and memory are badly affected, and there is a lower risk of epilepsy. There is a reduction in the ability to work, but have very limited dependency on others.£37,760 – £79,530
Less Severe Brain Damage A good recovery has been made with a return to normal social and work life. There may be potential for on-going impairments such as poor concentration, memory loss or mood problems. For the upper end of this bracket, there may be a small risk of epilepsy. The court will consider any permanent disabilities or the chance of permanent disabilities, the severity of the initial injury, any changes in personality, and any depression.£13,430 – £37,760
Minor Brain or Head Injury Cases of minimal brain damage or non-existent. The court will consider the severity of the initial injury, time of recovery, any on-going symptoms, and the presence of headaches.£1,940 – £11,200


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