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How Much Spinal Injury Compensation Could I Claim?

One of the most important parts of your body is the spine and if that gets damaged or injured then it could lead to partial or complete impairment. Your spinal cord comprises several nerves and tissues which are connected from the base of your brain down the length of your back. These are protected by the vertebrae which makes up the spine.

According to the Back-Up Trust, there is an estimated 50,000 people in the UK living with a spinal cord injury. In addition, over 2,500 people are newly injured each year. Spinal injuries affect a large number of people in the UK.  If you have suffered a serious back injury or a spinal injury that was a result of medical negligence, then you could be entitled to compensation.

At BTTJ Medical Negligence, we have specialist spinal injury solicitors that can offer expert advice and support during this difficult time. We can help you investigate the cause of the accident and help you seek the compensation that you need. To help you understand more about spinal injuries and how much a spinal injury claim could be worth, we have provided more information below.


Common Spinal Injuries

In most cases, spinal injuries can be categorised into two groups; partial spinal injury and complete spinal injury, with complete spinal injury being more serious. It’s important that you know this information before you make a spinal injury claim.

Partial Spinal Injury – These types of spinal injuries involve damage that is done to the sensory pathways in the spinal cord. Damage to this area can lead to difficulties with movement and coordination.  One of the most common types of partial injury is anterior cord syndrome.

Complete Spinal Injury – Injury of this type may result in varied paralysis of your body from the neck down. Paralysis typically affects your bowels and your legs. This type of injury is also one of the most severe and it typically receives the maximum amount of compensation for a claim.


What can I claim after an accident causing a spinal injury? 

The compensation you may be awarded for your spinal injury claim depends on the extent of the injury.  In addition to pursuing a claim for the injury itself, it is possible to pursue a claim for out of pocket expenses both past and future.  It is possible to claim for a range of costs relating to your injury, to include but not limited to:-.

Loss of Earnings – if you have been off work or are unable to return to work as a result of your injury

Rehabilitation Costs – The costs of rehabilitation can be a significant long-term expense for a victim of a back injury. These costs may include regularly scheduled visits to a physiotherapist and more.

Unavailable Treatment on the NHS – Necessary visits to private clinics or foreign health specialists in the event of unavailable treatment from the NHS. The costs of visiting private clinics could be compensated.

Home Care – In the event that you are unable to fully care for yourself, you may need to hire care in your home. This cost can be compensated if your injury has affected your independence.

Modifying or Buying a New Home – If you have sustained a long-term back injury, then you may need to adapt or modify your home to make it a suitable living environment. These costs could be claimed in the case.


Severities of Spinal Injuries

There are different severities of spinal injuries which affect the amount of compensation that can be claimed. The table below is not a definitive list of compensation amounts, but they are average guidelines for what you could expect for the severity of the back injury.

Severity of InjuryDescription of InjuryPotential Compensation Amount
Minor Back InjuryAn injury that does not require surgery. This could be a strained muscle or a slipped disk.Up to £10,970
Moderate Back Injury An injury that does not require surgery. This could be a strained muscle or a slipped disk.Up to £34,000
Severe Back InjuryAn injury resulting in partial paralysis or a permanent organ failure.Up to £141,150
Paraplegic ParalysisInjury that leads to paralysis of the legs or paralysis from the waist down.Up to £249,270
Quadriplegic ParalysisInjury resulting in paralysis of the body or paralysis from the neck down.Up to £354,260

Note – It is possible to also claim for out of pocket expenses as referred to above.



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Members of the Society of Clinical Negligence Laywers (SCIL) have campaigned at Westminster against fixed fees for medical negligence claims.

The chairman of SCIL, Stephen Webber, said ‘We believe the most important issue here is patient safety – if there can be improvements and lessons learnt then the level of negligence will be reduced. That must be the starting point for reform’

Lord Justice Jackson published a report in July on fixed costs in which he said a working group should be set up.

A response to a consultation on fixed costs for clinical negligence claims is still being prepared by The Department of Health.

The full story, as reported in the Law Society Gazette can be read here.