Celebrating 100 years of women in law

sex disqualification (removal) act 1919

Did you know that until 100 years ago women were not allowed to practice law?


In fact in 1913 four women were stopped by the Law Society from sitting the Law Society examinations.  The women took the case to the Court of Appeal however the Court of Appeal upheld the Law Society’s decision, ruling that within the meaning of the Solicitors Act of 1843, women were not “persons”.


It was only when the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act received royal assent on 23rd December 1919, that the law changed.  This meant that women could now pass their law exams and become lawyers for the first time.


Today at BTTJ 65% of all the lawyers at our firm, working across a wide range of disciplines, are now women including our Senior Partner.


Within our Medical Negligence team the number is even higher.  75% of our medical negligence lawyers are women and we are very proud to celebrate our fantastic female team on the 100th anniversary:


Janet Wardle

Lynette Walsh

Dawn Slow

Jeanette Suckling

Catherine Puffett

Clare Johnson