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Eye Injury Claims

Eye injuries, also known as Ophthalmologic injuries, can be very frightening to deal with and loss of sight is one of the most overwhelming conditions a person can suffer.

If conditions related to the eye are misdiagnosed, or not treated quickly or properly, they may lead to more severe conditions.

How we can help with Loss of Sight and Eye Injury Claims

If you have suffered an eye injury or visual impairment due to medical negligence, our lawyers have the specialist skills and knowledge to help.  We are highly experienced in a wide range of eye injury claims whether caused by misdiagnosis, delay or failure in diagnosis, mismanagement, errors in surgery or another medical procedure.

Common problems which may give rise to claims include:

  • Late diagnosis of glaucoma
  • Damage to the retina or late diagnosis of detached retinas
  • Errors with cataract surgery or misdiagnosis of cataracts
  • Misdiagnosis of macular degeneration
  • Undetected tumours or misdiagnosed tumours
  • Blindness as a result of misdiagnosis
  • Eye injury from laser surgery including unnecessary scarring, long term visual disturbances and loss of vision.

Our eye injury solicitors work only on medical negligence cases and are specialists in this field.  If you have been affected by a preventable medical mistake, such as loss of sight, please get in touch to see if you are entitled to compensation.

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