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NHS England launches an Independent Review into the Maternity Services at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Written by Kirsten Walker on 18 July 2023

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust was fined £800,000 after pleading guilty to two charges related to the death of an infant, baby Wynter Andrews on 15 September 2019. More than 100 families have had similar experiences. Following significant concerns regarding the quality and safety of the maternity services at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and the complaints raised by local families, NHS England made the decision to establish an independent review. Read On


Nottingham University Hospitals Trust Fined £800,000

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Can I Make a Claim for My Child’s Birth Injury Negligence?

Written by Lynette Walsh on 10 April 2022

During such an emotional time for parents, you expect the highest standard of care for both mother and child. Most cases are positive and successful, however, when doctors and midwives fail in providing their duty to a reasonable standard, mistakes can happen. In the worst cases, this could result in them causing injury to the mother, child, or both. These tragic incidents will often lead to legal proceedings against the hospital, doctor, and the staff. Read On

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Review of Maternity Services at The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust

Written by Adam Lloyd on 4 April 2022

The long-awaited final report of Ms Donna Ockenden, Senior Midwife was published earlier this week, on 30 March 2022.  This report follows on from Ms Ockenden’s previous report published in December 2020. Read On

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5 Common Birth Injuries

Written by Tom Barnes on 25 June 2019

Some injuries are not foreseeable or may not have been preventable, however, some birth injuries may be due to the substandard level of care provided by medical professionals, such as doctors or midwives. The injury may have been due to an issue that was overlooked during pregnancy or may have been due to a problem that was not correctly treated which may have led to a birth injury. Read On

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