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Hospitals Sending Patients to Hotels due to Social Care Crisis

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Increasing Clinical Negligence Claims

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Covid-19: The Impact upon Clinical Negligence

Written by Tom Barnes on 19 August 2021

Clinical Negligence litigation relies on the opinion of medical experts, to identify and establish breach of duty, causation and quantum issues. Many of these medical experts work in both public and private sectors and many of whom have been called forward to healthcare’s front line in the fight against Covid-19. This has created a shortage of available experts to give evidence on liability and/or quantum to support both the Claimant and Defendant. Read On

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What is the role of a Specialist Clinical Negligence Practitioner?

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Interview with BTTJ Medical Negligence Solicitor Richard Stanford

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Richard Stanford Concludes a Unique Clinical Negligence Case


SCIL Fight Fixed Fees for Medical Negligence Claims

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Patient recall: Have you been treated by Solihull’s Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies doctor, Mr Arackal Manu Nair?

Death of Baby from Hospital Acquired Infection

Written by Richard Stanford on 9 December 2015

On 18 April 2013 Brindley Twist Tafft and James Solicitors and Barrister Teresa Hargreaves of Number 5 Chambers, Birmingham, represented the family of Jessica Strong at the inquest touching her life at Stoke Coroner's Court. The story of Jessica's short life and tragic death received coverage in the national press and on local television. Read On

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Clinical Negligence – Pressure Sores